Femi Onas Report

Femi Onas Report

Femi was running his own advertising campaigns on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram prior to becoming a Payusnomind client. Initially, I was only managing his Youtube ads. Below, you see the results of him managing his Youtube ads independently.

When I run Youtube ads, views aren’t much of a focus because views don’t tell you how the viewer feels about what they’re watching. I look for engagement, so if I’m running an ad campaign I want to see increases in the number of Subscribers and Playlist additions. Views don’t matter much without engagement. Also, you’re paying for views, they’re not coming as a result of fan interest, unlike Facebook/Instagram ads. Youtube shows a thumbnail of your video. If users are intrigued by the thumbnail, they’ll click to watch. On Facebook and Instagram users hear a clip of your song and if they like what they hear, they click the link to hear more on Spotify or wherever. On Facebook/Instagram a link click is a sign of solid interest. On Youtube, a link click/view is just investigation.

Femi’s campaign results from Jan 1st - Dec. 31st of 2018.

Amount Spent Playlists Subscribers Views
$246 63 19 4.2K


Cost Per Playlists Cost Per Subscribers
$3 $13

Payusnomind Takeover

After taking over Femi’s Adwords account, I set in place configurations to increase engagement. The result was increases in the number of Playlist additions and Subscribers with reductions in cost of 67% per Playlist addition and 53% per Subscriber.

Payusnomind Campaign results from Jan. 30th - Aug. 2nd of 2019.

Amount Spent Playlists Subscribers Views
$1,003 1023 166 26K


Cost Per Playlists Cost Per Subscribers
$0.98 $6
67%↑ 53%↑

After running the Youtube ads, Femi decided it was time to try Facebook and Instagram. Below, you can see the results of his efforts from February 1st to March 27th.

Amount Spent Link Clicks CPC (Link click) Landing Pageviews Cost per Landing Pageview
$1,073 985 $2.76 317 $5.78

Amount Spent shows the total amount that was spent on his campaigns during that time. Link Clicks shows how many times users exposed to his ads clicked on his destination link. CPC stands for Cost Per Click and represents the amount he spent per link click he received. Landing Page views represents the number of users that actually landed on his webpage after clicking his link.

A user can click your link but abandon your page before it loads. Also, sometimes Facebook and Instagram will inform the user that they’re being taken off of the platform and ask if they’re sure they want to leave. If the user decides to stay, they won’t end up on your Landing page. Your Landing Page is the destination page, it’s where users are taken to after clicking your link.

You can see, there were significantly less users that pushed through to his Landing page - 317 - than there were that clicked his links - 985. Now, look at the impact of his campaigns on his Spotify streams

Listeners Avg. Daily Listeners Followers
40 0.73 5

There was 40 Listeners In total from February 1st to March 27th and an average of 0.73 listeners per day. This means that for what he spent, the cost of each listener was over $26.

The Challenge

The issue with Femi was in identifying a target audience. There wasn’t a clear cut genre he fit into or artists you could say he sounds similar to, his sound is very unique. When you don’t know your target audience, you have to experiment and experimenting can be expensive depending on how long it takes you to get it right. In order to create a “Similar audience” in Facebook - a target group based on a Remarketing list - you need 1k users on a list. A Remarketing list is a group of users that take a particular action which in this case would be Landing page views. At the rate of his previous campaigns, the cost of populating a Remarketing list for Landing page views would have been $5.7K. There still would have been a MAJOR problem because the Landing page views weren’t driving many listeners. For over $5k, he would have earned only 219 Spotify listeners.

PUNM Takeover

When I first took over Femi’s account, what I needed to do was figure out a way to affordably identify his target audience. When you run ads people take actions, when people take actions Remarketing lists populate, but when conversion rates are really low, cost is really high. Spending $26 per Spotify listener was WAY too high, so that needed to come down. Facebook gives you a number of ad optimization options including: Link clicks, Landing page views, and Conversions. I always optimize my ads for conversions instead of Link clicks or Landing page views. Your ad will optimize to drive cheaper goal completions so you MUST pick the right goal. Through optimizing correctly, I was able to drop his CPC (Cost Per Click) on links by 61%, bringing it down from $2.76 to $1.06.

Amount Spent Link Clicks CPC (Link click) Conversions
$401 776 $1.06 50

Impact on Spotify

As was previously stated above, Link clicks don’t always result in Landing page views, and Landing page views don’t always result in Click-throughs to streaming platforms and streams. Looking at the impact of the campaign on his streaming activity, you see there was more than two times as many listeners than there were Link clicks. This is usually the result of users searching the artist name on a platform rather than clicking the link. There’s almost always more listeners and streams than clicks if you’re reaching the right audience.

Listeners Avg. Daily Listeners Followers
104 2.21 26

Now, the goal of the campaign was to drive traffic to streaming platforms - Spotify in particular - so link clicks and landing page views are irrelevant if they don’t drive streams. That’s why it’s most important to look at whether your ads are actually driving streams and sales because that’s pretty much all that matters.

In a span of 9 days, March 28th to April 5th, we nearly reached the total number of listeners gained in almost two months with the previous campaigns. His number of daily listeners more than tripled and his cost per listener dropped to $12 from $26 which was a decrease of 53%.

Heating Up!

From June 8th - 13th his cost per link click dropped again from $1.06 to $0.48 but what matters most is impact on streaming platforms and sales.

Amount Spent Link Clicks CPC (Link click)
$582 2,401 $0.48

Impact on Spotify

On Spotify, in the span of 6 days, his number of streams increased to 1,129 streams from 104 with my previous campaign and 40 from the ones he ran independently. Daily listeners increased to 188 from 2.21 with my previous campaign and 0.73 with the campaigns he was running independently. His Followers increased to 139 from 26 in my previous campaign and 6 with his independent campaigns. This was all the result of optimized targeting.

Payusnomind increased Femi’s Listeners by 2,722%, Average number of Daily Listeners by 25,653%, and Followers by 2,680%.

Listeners Avg. Daily Listeners Followers
1,129 188 139
2,822%↑ 25,753%↑ 2,780%↑

Post Campaign Performance

During an advertising campaign increases in activity are expected. Post ad performance tells you how effective your targeting was because you see how many of your listeners stuck. We know initially Femi had an average of 0.73 listeners. Counting from one week after we ended the Payusnomind ads, his average number of daily listeners has been over 40, an increase of 5,379%.

In the graph below, you can see the increase in listeners over time as the ad campaigns took hold.

Impact of Spotify Pre-Saves & Apple Music Pre-Adds

Impact of Spotify Pre-Saves & Apple Music Pre-Adds

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$300 Million Lost to Streaming Fraud?